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Global CONNECT's Research and Consultancy Services

Global CONNECT™ provides highly relevant and application-oriented research and educational  services on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, and innovation.  By drawing on the success of San Diego's economic transformation and its knowledge of best practice from regions around the world, Global CONNECT™ assists our clients build the capacity necessary to compete in a global, knowledge-based economy.

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Global CONNECT™ programs are delivered by experienced practitioners and use a blend of curriculum and practicum to ensure participants gain an understanding of theory as well as real-world knowledge.

  • Customized  Workshops

These elective, interactive learning modules introduce timely and targeted content that entrepreneurs can implement in their business immediately.  Each module can be delivered either in-person in as little as a half-half day, or can be online as a webinar.

  • Certificate Programs

Learning modules can be combined with courses at UC San Diego Extension to provide certification in technology commercialization, as well as dozens of other related science and technology fields, to enhance professional standing and capacity.

  • Youth Programs

Global CONNECT™ and its partner programs at UC San Diego Extension provide pre-college courses for middle and high-school students in areas related to science, technology, and entrepreneurship.  These programs use a hands-on approach to learning about advanced technologies and related topics in a manner that engages creativity, inquiry, and exploration in young minds.

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs

Suggested for those who work with entrepreneurs, such as incubation center managers and staff, these programs provide advice and assistance in creating and sustaining entrepreneur assistance initiatives.  Train-the-trainer programs focus on the development of key skills such as  coaching and mentoring, organization, finance, and other topics.  Participants also develop their personal abilities to teach and act in mentoring roles.

  • Visiting Fellowships

As a complement to workshops, Global CONNECT™ offers one- to two-week experiential learning fellowships that immerse participants in vibrant innovation ecosystems, such as San Diego and the Silicon Valley.  Participants learn how the disparate components of the ecosystems interact with one another, and then visit the high tech entrepreneurs, large technology companies, investors, service providers, and intermediary organizations that assist entrepreneurs in grow successful businesses.




Global CONNECT™ research serves as a platform for success in subsequent education and practice.   Many regions around the globe have begun their quest of innovation excellence by partnering with Global CONNECT™.

  • Learning Needs Assessments

In order to optimize educational efforts, Global CONNECT™ can conduct a needs assessment and gap analysis of existing training services and related innovation assets of the client.

  • Data Collection & Analysis

The Global CONNECT™  team can collect and analyze data concerning the innovation ecosystem of a particular region (e.g. research assets, technology commercialization infrastructure, etc.), and advise that region regarding salient features, including notable strengths and gaps.

  • Program Evaluation

Global CONNECT™ has significant experience evaluating the performance of organizations or specific prorams aimed at regional economic transformation, entrepreneur support, and/or technology commercialization.  Quantitative and qualitative methods are utilized to measure progress towards stated objectives, stakeholder and community engagement, capacity building, and other success factors. We place particular emphasis on the social and cultural behaviors that support regional innovation systems, such as openness to information sharing, collaboration, and risk tolerance.



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