Global CONNECT™ offers bespoke workshops through UC San Diego Extension for clients in the dynamic and challenging world of technology commercialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship, helping them chart a path forward, discover new insights, and build a stronger network.

Its teams of experts are selected from world-class innovation ecosystems like San Diego and Silicon Valley. Global CONNECT is proud to partner with the entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and other members of these vibrant communities to share their knowledge, experience, and strategies. Global CONNECT works closely with each client, providing a hands-on education and training program designed specifically for them.


Global CONNECT’s team of experts lead workshops and seminars on issues related to moving a technology to market and growing a successful business. Each workshop emphasizes putting theory into practice so participants can make immediate use of the knowledge they gain.


Global CONNECT matches innovative leaders, guest speakers, and company visits to each client’s needs and objectives. The program provides a platform for participants to share ideas and network with experts in the field.


Participants are immersed in the entrepreneurial culture of each region they visit. This experience provides insights into how successful innovation ecosystems work and what lessons can be applied.