Global CONNECT™: a network committed to growing new technology clusters worldwide

Global CONNECT is a university-based consultancy assisting regions around the world in the development of innovation systems. 

Clients and Projects

Our typical clients are government agencies, economic development organizations, and academic research institutions that focus on promoting technology commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship in their regions.

Examples of Clients & Projects


California Marketing and Innovation Study Visits

Global CONNECT has developed an immersive two-week study visit to California for groups of approximately 20 MBA students from Steinbeis University's School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE).  The program covers a range of topics related to understanding key aspects of US company operations and management, with an emphasis on identifying, accessing, and adapting to markets.

Technology Commercialization Training Programs

Funded by a grant from the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), Global CONNECT and UC San Diego's von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center provide a week-long training program for working professionals from South Korea. The issues covered include conducting a commercial assessment for early-stage technologies, IP strategies, pitching a technology venture, and proof-of-concept centers, among others.  More information about the program is available here.

Assistance in the Formation of CONNECT Bogota Region

Global CONNECT delivered a program for the founding staff of Colombia's CONNECT Bogota Region that included a combination of technical assistance and practical training seminars.  Aspects included advise on developing CONNECT Bogota's business model, train-the-trainer workshops for program managers, visiting experiential fellowships in California, and seminars on issues related to innovatoin for the new organization's key constituents.  To leverage relevant domain expertise, Global CONNECT partnered with CONNECT and UC San Diego's von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center for several elements.

Evaluation of a New Innovation Intermediary Organization: OrthoWorx

BioCrossroads commissioned Global CONNECT to evaluate the progress and accomplishments of a newly formed orthopedic industry-led civic organization in Warsaw, Indiana called OrthoWorx.  Aspects of the multi-year evaluation inlcude tracking initiative progress, stakeholder engagement, developing organizational and financial sustainability, and the adoption of more collaborative norms to support the growth of the industry.

Assessing Research Strengths and Advising on Innovation Strategy for the University of Hawai'i System

Global CONNECT worked with the President of the University of Hawai'i System and staff to define, collect, and evaluate the University's research enterprise.  The output of the analysis then informed a system-wide strategy to enhance the University's research capabilities, as well as create new opportunities for technology-based economic development and workforce training initiatives in cutting-edge industries.

Early-Stage Technology Assessments

Osaka University's Office of University-Industry Collaboration sought a US market perspective on the commercial viability of technologies developed by researchers at one of Japan's leading universities.  Global CONNECT, in partnership with UC San Diego's von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center, assessed each technology on the basis of its stage of development, IP status, current market conditions, differentiation, barriers to entry, and potential competitors, among other aspects. Recommendations included next steps for development and a suggested roadmap for commercialization.

UK-US Science Bridge

The multi-year Science Bridge, managed by the SETsquared Partnership in the UK with assistance from Global CONNECT and staff from UC Irvine, was divided into two components.  The first linked UK and US academics in three targeted areas of applied research: bioengineering, wireless communications, and the sustainable environment.  The second component supported UK high technology companies' access to the US market and vice versa for US companies.  Over the course of the project, the Bridge facilitated meetings among 250 researchers resulting in numerous joint projects.  On the enterprise side, more than 130 companies were assessed, with 27 companies eventually being selected for hands-on coaching and mentoring.

Strategic Review of the British Columbia Knowledge Transfer System and University-Industry Collaboration.

Commissioned by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and the BC Innovation Council, Global CONNECT analyzed the British Colombia innovation system and provided a detailed comparative analysis with other leading innovative regions.  Key aspects include: 1) Best practices of knowledge transfer 2) Role of intermediary organizations 3) Methods of University-Industry engagement 4) Case studies of BC University spin-off companies 4) Recommendations for implementing and sustaining knowledge transfer.

Life Sciences Gateway Initiative

On behalf of the pharamceutical company, Merck & Co., and its subsidiary, Merck, Sharp & Dohme Mexico, Global CONNECT designed and implemented a four-year program consisting of a series of site visits, workshops on issues relevant to commercialization in the life sciences, entrepreneurship training programs, strategic planning for inter-regional collaboration among key stakeholders, and targeted introductions for those in the participating regions of Baja California, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Morelos, and Nuevo León.


Other Recent Projects Include:



Northern Ireland, UK  
  • Assessment of Regional Technology Business Accelerator
Commissioned by MATRIX, a unit of the UK’s Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Investment (DETI), to assess the CONNECT program housed within the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP), and to advise regarding innovation initiatives.




  • Technical Assistance for Emerging Life Sciences Companies

Collaboration with the OCTANTIS incubator through the BioNegocios program to provide insights and perspective to selected entrepreneurs on the international, and especially United States, biotech market.


  • Assistance to Technology-based Companies

Coaching and mentoring services to companies interested in entering the US market and expanding professional networks into Southern California.  Funded by the. US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC), through its TechBA program.


Saudi Arabia

  • Entrepreneurship Training  Program

For the national science agency (KACST), establish a comprehensive training program, to be delivered by local trainers in the second year.





  • High Level Scan of Singapore Innovation System

Study, on behalf of Exploit Technologies, to determine the feasibility of developing a quantitative and qualitative comparison with San Diego’s innovation system.


  • Assistance to Technology-based Companies

In collaboration with the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan, the San Diego-Taiwan Bridge Program assists groups of Taiwan-based companies with training and expert feedback on how to commercialize their products and services in the US market.  The program includes advice on developing a US market and business strategy, as well as targeted introductions to potential partners, investors, customers, and suppliers.





  • Analysis of the Development of San Diego’s Biotechnology Cluster

For the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Global CONNECT provided a major contribution to the analysis of Australia’s biotech clusters in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.  More infomation about the project anda copy of Global CONNECT's report  is available on the Reports page.

More Information

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